Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence: A Toast to Mintek Resources

by | Jul 2, 2024 | News/General

As we raise our glasses to commemorate three decades of unwavering commitment to our customers, partners and employees, we find ourselves reflecting on the remarkable journey that has brought us to this milestone. Mintek Resources, founded in 1994, has been an expert in chemical reagents for the environmental, construction, agricultural, oil and gas, and wastewater treatment sectors for three decades. Our mission has always been clear: to forge strong relationships with our customers and partners to better understand market challenges and opportunities and provide innovative solutions that ultimately save time and money.

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From humble beginnings to joining a global brand, Mintek’s entrepreneurial spirit has fueled every step. We’ve weathered the inherent cyclicality of our core markets, adapted to changing technologies and industry needs, and emerged poised to support the growth of our customers and markets. Our team’s resilience and passion have been the foundation of our success, along with the employees, suppliers, and partners who’ve contributed to our progress. Our core values have been a North Star for Mintek since the beginning and a guiding light for every decision we make.


Leadership isn’t about titles; it’s about influence. From the lab to job sites and beyond, we lead by example, fostering an environment where every voice matters. We hire talented team members and give them the tools and context to make the best decisions for our customers and partners. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us forward, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry.


Accountability is the cornerstone of trust. We take ownership of our actions, decisions, and outcomes. When we promise results, we deliver. Our partners and customers rely on us, and we honor that trust by striving to exceed expectations.


Passion ignites innovation. It’s the spark that transforms challenges into breakthroughs. At Mintek, we’re passionate about making a difference. Our work isn’t just a job; it’s a shared desire to better the markets and industries we serve that unites us.


Integrity is non-negotiable. We operate with transparency, honesty, and ethical rigor. Our reputation rests on the bedrock of integrity, and we guard it fiercely. When we say we’ll do something, consider it done.


Collaboration amplifies impact. We thrive on feedback & ideation with all teams across our organization, as well as our growth-minded external partners. Together, we tackle complex problems by leveraging diverse perspectives to create sustainable solutions.


Humility keeps us grounded. We celebrate victories but remain humble in the face of challenges. It’s the quiet strength that propels us forward, reminding us that there’s always more to learn and achieve. When we do fall short, we own our shortcomings, reflect on what happened and use this knowledge to do better in the future.

To our long-standing partners and loyal customers, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your unwavering support, candid feedback and ongoing guidance have been our compass, guiding us through uncharted waters. Together, we’ve built enduring relationships that transcend transactions. We are just getting started; as we look to the future, we’re excited about the road ahead—the product innovations, enhanced service offerings, and shared victories that await us.

Mintek Resources isn’t just celebrating 30 years; we’re embarking on the next chapter. Our commitment remains unshaken—to excite and delight our customers, partners and suppliers, to innovate, and to make a positive impact on the markets and communities we serve. As we raise our glasses, let’s toast to the past, the present, and the boundless future.

Thank you for being part of our story. Cheers to the next 30 years!

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