Why Mintek

For over two decades, Mintek has served customers across the United States, shipping hundreds of thousands of tons annually. With material distribution centers throughout the country, Mintek provides high availability and fast turnaround to a wide geographic area. From pre-project support to flexible fulfillment, Mintek offers unparalleled service including technical expertise, a variety of packaging configurations and flexible delivery options to accommodate the most stringent job-site requirements. Mintek participates in a variety of industry associations to better understand the latest trends & challenges for the markets and customers that we serve and is a proud member of the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA). To learn more about our parent company, visit Carmeuse’s website.


Backed by 25+ years of experience in the Construction, Environmental, Oil and Gas, Agricultural, Waste Water Treatment, and Industrial markets.

Diverse Distribution

29+ states are included in our service area, with multiple distribution points and flexible packaging and delivery types available.


Ensure the product is right for your project, no matter the application, with soil testing from our experts at the Innovation Center.

Mintek has a wide distribution network across the country

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Distribution Centers