Refineries, Industrial, Paper Mills, Steel Mills etc.
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Pipes and Drains, Catch Basins and Storm Water Retention Ponds
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Mintek’s dewatering, neutralizing & stabilizing solutions are ideal for industrial cleaning, maintenance & restoration. Time equals money and unwanted downtime can lead to lost opportunities and dissatisfied customers. For over two decades, Mintek’s solutions have been used in the environmental market to accelerate clean-up of a variety of waste streams. Our products are fast, effective reagents that quickly dewater, neutralize and stabilize waste generated from industrial processes. Mintek can help select the best solution for quick project turnaround to enable the least amount of facility downtime possible. Once treated, the waste can be managed to an on-site or off-site disposal facility. Our products are available in a variety of packaging options to ensure fast service and support on time delivery.

Dewatering, Neutralizing & Stabilizing solutions for industrial cleaning, maintenance & restoration

  • One-stop shop for Calciment®, Bed Ash, Fly Ash, Cement & More!
  • Accelerate production for reduced downtime & labor costs
  • Ideal for Hazardous & Non-hazardous waste streams
  • Economical alternatives to higher priced reagents & techniques
  • Over two decades of environmental industry experience
  • Products include: quicklime, Calciment, cement, bed ash, fly ash, custom blend capabilities & more