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Providing a unique lime-based blend in Calciment® LKD

Drying soil faster with less downtime on your jobsite

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For over two decades, Mintek has served customers across the United States, shipping hundreds of thousands of tons annually.


How to apply lime or Calciment® LKD to a jobsite

Dose Rate Calculator

Calculate the reagent needed for your jobsite

Estimating your dose rate doesn’t have to be complicated – utilize our NEW! Dose Rate Calculator to help determine the amount of lime reagent required for your job site.

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Lime Benefits

Quicklime and Calciment® LKD vs. Portland Cement

Both quicklime and Calciment® offer many benefits over Portland cement when it comes to soil drying, modification, and stabilization.

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Ensure you're getting the right solution

Need specs, testing, or just have questions? Discover all the ways we can assist with your project.

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Soil Testing for Construction

Soil Testing for Construction

What is Soil Testing? Soil testing is an essential part of pre-construction to determine the properties and characteristics of the soil at a construction site. A series of tests are used in conjunction with each other to help engineers and construction professionals make informed decisions about foundation design,...

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