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Cold Weather Liming

Field-proven solutions to keep projects on track and not let weather slow them down.

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Mintek has a variety of solutions to meet a wide array of applications - find out which product is right for you.

Quicklime and Calci

Quicklime & Calciment® vs. Portland Cement

Both quicklime and Calciment® offer many benefits over Portland cement when it comes to soil drying, modification, and stabilization.


Need specs, testing, or just have questions, discover all the ways we can assist with your project.

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Application of Lime or Calciment LKD

When I reach out to Mintek for loads of material, Mintek is always there to help get me the materials I need, when I need it.

: Doug Balsbaugh, Owner of Balsbaugh Excavating

Mintek has always been a great partner to work with. Their communication is great and their knowledge of the applications & material is superior. They also offer to do testing to ensure we are getting the right solution for the job.

: Bob Cathcart, President - Blount Construction Company Inc.

We’ve been working with Mintek for years and can honestly say you won’t find better customer service anywhere else. Mintek is a staple in all our projects now.

: Greg Brummet, Project Manager - SSI

Cem-Base, Inc. regularly counts on Mintek to supply our material needs, and they never let us down.

: Steve Taylor, Vice President - Cem-Base

Calciment is a great product that keeps jobs moving faster when weather hits and deadlines have to be made. Haven't missed a deadline yet.

: Spud Gornall, George J. Igel & Co.

No drying reagent works faster or provides a better value than Calciment on many soil types.

: Larry Roberts, Slurry Pavers

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