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When I reach out to Mintek for loads of material, Mintek is always there to help get me the materials I need, when I need it.

: Doug Balsbaugh, Owner of Balsbaugh Excavating

Mintek has always been a great partner to work with. Their communication is great and their knowledge of the applications & material is superior. They also offer to do testing to ensure we are getting the right solution for the job.

: Bob Cathcart, President - Blount Construction Company Inc.

We’ve been working with Mintek for years and can honestly say you won’t find better customer service anywhere else. Mintek is a staple in all our projects now.

: Greg Brummet, Project Manager - SSI

Cem-Base, Inc. regularly counts on Mintek to supply our material needs, and they never let us down.

: Steve Taylor, Vice President - Cem-Base

Calciment is a great product that keeps jobs moving faster when weather hits and deadlines have to be made. Haven't missed a deadline yet.

: Spud Gornall, George J. Igel & Co.

No drying reagent works faster or provides a better value than Calciment on many soil types.

: Larry Roberts, Slurry Pavers

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