Fast Drying, Dewatering and Solidification
Heavy Metals Waste Fixation
Haz and Non-haz Waste Streams
PH Adjustment

For over two decades, Mintek’s solutions have been used at remediation projects to dewater, solidify, neutralize and stabilize a wide range of contaminants. Our portfolio of reagents have been utilized in on-site & in-situ treatment applications to minimize and even eliminate the high costs associated with off-site disposal. Proven to accelerate and increase production, our products provide fast, reliable results even in cold, wet climates. Mintek’s solutions have been field-proven at hundreds of Superfund Sites, high profile sediment projects and private clean-ups throughout the United States.

Dry, Solidify, Fixate Hazardous & Non-hazardous Waste Streams

  • Removes liquids for landfill disposal to meet RCRA requirements
  • Strengthens waste streams to help meet landfill requirements
  • Heavy metal waste fixation
  • Pozzolanic matrix prevents mobility of metals
  • Products include: quicklime, Calciment®, cement, bed ash, fly ash, custom blend capabilities & more

Calciment® LKD vs Portland Cement


Mintek ships hundreds of thousands of tons of materials to construction sites across the U.S. each year

Case Study

South Carolina Ash Pond Dewatering

After closing a coal-fired powerhouse, 1.3M yards of contaminated ash needed dewatered and stabilized prior to sending to the on-site landfills.

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Case Study

North Carolina Ash Pond

After this power plant experienced the 3rd largest coal ash spill in U.S. history, North Carolina mandated all coal ash ponds be cleaned by 2029. Due to the spill, this site was mandated to be cleaned by May 2019.

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