Waste Treatment

Dredged Sediments / Contaminated Soils
Industrial Waste Streams, Liquids and Sludge
Oily Soils and Waste, Pipeline and Drill Cuttings
FGD Sludge, Ash Ponds, Norm Waste and More!

For over three decades, Mintek has offered a portfolio of field proven solutions that have been used to prepare hazardous & non-hazardous waste streams for disposal. Mintek offers fast, effective and economical solutions for treating contaminated soils, sediments and sludges to meet landfill disposal requirements. Waste streams stabilized with Mintek’s portfolio of solutions including Calciment® LKD, quicklime, bed ash, fly ash and cement, continue to gain strength over time in a landfill while limiting the mobility of chemical constituents present in the waste. Our products are also used for drying purposes to improve site workability conditions as well as the handling characteristics of wastes that are eligible for direct disposal.

Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Treatment Options

  • Dewatering, stabilization & solidification solutions for waste treatment facilities
  • Ideal for landfills, commercial waste treatment facilities, industrial facilities & remediation sites
  • Dry, stabilize and/or treat a variety of waste streams
  • Products include: quicklime, Calciment® LKD, cement, bed ash, fly ash, custom blend capabilities & more