Oil and Gas

Fast Drying / Solidification
Long-lasting Slip Repair
Heavy Duty Haul Roads
Assurance of Supply

From pipeline slip repair to haul road stabilization, drill cutting solidification and well pad stabilization, Mintek Resources has the right solution for your oil & gas application. Lime reagents are the economical alternative to take wet, unworkable soil and create solid, stable bases for haul roads and well pads. When a pipeline slip occurs, Mintek’s lime-based solutions are ideal for improving native soils and re-establishing the integrity of the pipeline structure. For fast solidification and drying of mud drilling waste, Mintek is again the field proven reagent for the job.

Market Leader in Oil & Gas

  • Exclusive supplier of Calciment®
  • Quick moisture reduction for better strength & compaction
  • Long-lasting slip repair
  • Economic stabilization of heavy duty haul roads
  • Heavy metal waste fixation for drill cuttings
  • Fast and effective to keep projects on track
  • Accelerate production in rainy, muddy, cold conditions
  • Products include: quicklime, Calciment, cement, custom blend capabilities & more

Calciment® LKD vs Portland Cement