Extend Pavement Life
Accelerate Production
Minimize Shrink and Swell
Improve Geotechnical Properties

Time equals money and a delayed project can result in higher costs and lost opportunities. Mintek’s solutions offer fast, effective, drying, PI reduction, and stabilization in problematic soils.


Exothermic reactions quickly remove moisture from soils, keeping your crew working and your project on track.


Mintek’s lime-based solutions can be used to reduce the plasticity of soils, increasing your jobsite’s workability.


Pozzolanic reactions improve the strength, durability and density of subgrades, resulting in improved compressive strength for better stabilization of buildings & pavement subgrades.

One-Stop Shop for Construction

  • DOT Approved Solutions
  • Multiple shipping locations
  • The field-proven leader in moisture reduction
  • Economic soil stabilization
  • Technical support to ensure the right solution for the job
  • One stop shop for quicklime, Calciment, hydrate, cement and more
  • Fast, economical dewatering to keep projects on track
  • Modify soils to adjust the PI to eliminate shrink / swell especially during wet and dry conditions
  • Improves long term strength of the soil to increase resistance to freeze/thaw cycles

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Soil Drying


Mintek ships hundreds of thousands of tons of materials to construction sites across the U.S. each year.

Case Study

V-DOT I-81 FDR Project

I-81 was the first U.S. Federal Highway FDR project. VDOT needed a long-term fix for a 3.7-mile stretch of road that was severely damaged due to heavy truck loads and high traffic. Calciment® was chosen as the stabilization agent because of the strength, stability and economic value the project needed.

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Case Study

O’Hare Runway Modernization

The O’Hare Modernization Program was one of the largest construction projects in the county at one of the busiest airports. Most of the on-site soils required Modification and Stabilization to meet project Specs.

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