PH Adjustment
Reduced Costs
Fast Dewatering

Mintek’s field proven reagents are used to stabilize and dewater biosludges for Class A and Class B biosolids treatment.

Heat generated from exothermic reactions provides:

  • pH adjustment
  • Heavy metals fixation
  • Reduction in harmful pathogens
  • Odor control
  • Further dewatering

These solutions are highly cost effective when compared to other energy intensive treatment processes making it the economical stabilizer ideal for municipalities with limited budgets.

Cost Effective Reagents for Class A & Class B Biosolids Treatment

  • Alter the characteristics of biosludges by increasing stability & reducing pathogens
  • Meets 503 Regulations for Class A & Class B Biosolids Treatment
  • High alkalinity properties for economical pH adjustment & odor control to comply with EPA regulations for beneficial use & disposal
  • Heat generation to pasteurize or sterilize materials