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Fuel Surcharge Table

Getting product to your jobsite is critical for keeping your project on time. Mintek’s in-house team of logistics experts works on your behalf to coordinate deliveries through our vast carrier network. The table below is our current and past fuel surcharge costs, based on current gas and diesel fuel prices. Our logistics team partners with reliable, value-added carriers to support our customers’ pre-paid shipments by way of dump, pneumatic, and flatbed trucks.

Fuel Surcharge (2024)
MONTH (2024)
January 28%
February 26%
March 27%
April 27%
May 27%
June 26%
Fuel Surcharge (2023)
MONTH (2023)
January 37%
February 33%
March 33%
April 30%
May 28%
June 27%
July 25%
August 25%
September 29%
October 32%
November 32%
December 31%
Fuel Surcharge (2022)
MONTH (2022)
January 24%
February 23%
March 26%
April 33%
May 38%
June 41%
July 43%
August 43%
September 38%
October 37%
November 38%
December 40%