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Mintek is the exclusive supplier of Calciment® LKD, a co-product of lime manufacturing and suitable alternative to quicklime or Portland cement.

  • A unique mixture of calcium and magnesium oxide plus pozzolans
  • Ideal for drying, modifying, or stabilizing problematic soils, sediment and sludges to provide both short and long-term strength gains
  • Available CaO accelerates the drying / dewatering process, particularly in cold and/or wet climates
  • Modifies soil by adjusting the PI of high clay soils to eliminate shrink / swell after freeze / thaw & wet / dry cycles.
  • Used on thousands of projects across the country
  • An economical alternative to traditional reagents
  • All Calciment® LKD products are LEED-certified for pre-consumer products


Quicklime provides the fast drying to keep projects on time and on budget. Quicklime is also highly effective at reducing soil PI to reduce shrink/swell even after freeze-thaw & wet-dry cycles. In environmental applications, quicklime will adjust the pH of the waste stream, rendering heavy metals insoluble. Quicklime is made from high quality, natural deposits of limestone and tested to ensure consistent, high-performance.

  • Highest available CaO for the fastest drying of wet soils, sediments and waste streams
  • Improved soil conditions via PI adjustment to reduce shrink / swell
  • Extended pavement life via short & long-term strength gains
  • pH adjustment for Hazardous & Non-hazardous waste streams rendering heavy metals insoluble


Formed when quicklime is mixed with water, also known as the slaking process, this results in calcium hydroxide, or Ca(OH)2. Hydrate is the least dense of our products and is physically a very fine white powder.

Hydrate can be used to:

  • Stabilize subbase soils in construction applications to strengthen and modify the soil to extend the pavement life
  • As an additive in asphalt for anti-stripping while stiffening the binders in asphalt
  • Improved resistance to rutting and moisture damage
  • Better life cycle cost-benefit ratios than liquid antistrips
  • Greater Tensile Strength Ratios after repeated freeze thaw cycles when compared to untreated and liquid treated asphalts


Mintek offers a variety of distributed products to assist with drying, modifying and stabilizing soils, waste streams and sediments in a variety of markets.

Solutions include:

  • Portland Cement
  • Bed Ash
  • Fly Ash
  • Cement Kiln Dust (CKD)
  • And More

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