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Purchasing the correct amount of material is just as important as selecting the correct product for your jobsite, which means having a variety of packaging and delivery options is key. With multiple shipping points across the United States and an expert logistics team, Mintek can provide the flexibility and dependability your project needs with packaging options ranging from 1.25-ton supersacks to truck, rail and barge options. Let’s dive into each option and how to know if it’s right for your project.

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Holds an average of 1.25 tons per bag and is delivered via flatbed truck. Ideal for projects with a small footprint, projects that are difficult to access for delivery with larger pneumatic trucks, environmental projects where mixing with a reclaimer isn’t an option and product must be dumped and mixed with an excavator, and more.

Dump Truck Bulk

Holds an average of 24 tons per load and requires an EPA-approved tarp for transport. Ideal for projects where loading directly into a spreader truck or storage PIG is not required. Ideal for large amounts of material and quick delivery turnaround.

Pneumatic Truck Bulk

Holds an average of 24 tons per load. Ideal for loading directly into spreader trucks for fast delivery to application. Pneumatics can also load directly into storage PIGs to utilize quick delivery turn around and accumulate product for early start times without incurring driver detention.

Rail Car

Holds an average of 95 tons. Ideal for large scale projects that are in a convenient location near a rail yard. Mintek can assist with setting up trans loaders and carriers, or the customer can manage the transloading and carrier relationship. This delivery method provides a large amount of material and can utilize turns for carriers to be able to deliver multiple loads a day directly to projects.


Holds an average of 100 tons and offers additional onsite storage for high volume projects that need a steady flow of product.

Barge Bulk

Holds an average of 1,700 tons. Ideal for large projects near river access. For larger sized material, a clam shell would be used to load into dump trucks; fines would be offloaded using a vacuum offloading system to be able to load both dump and pneumatic trucks.

Every project offers its own unique set of challenges and requires flexibility in a variety of ways. Supplying the right product for each individual jobsite’s need is Mintek’s top priority, and flexible packaging and delivery is a large part of how Mintek can help streamline your project.

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