Your Guide to Storage PIG Trailers

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What is a Storage PIG Trailer?

Mintek storage PIG trailers, sometimes simply referred to as PIGS, are large mobile tank trailers intended to store dry bulk powders like lime or cement. Although Mintek specializes in lime-based products, such as quicklime and Calciment® LKD, we also distribute cement, fly ash, bed ash and blended materials based on jobsite specific demands. Mintek PIGS are roughly the size of normal tractor trailers that you can see every day on the road. To get a little more specific, they are about 60 ½ feet long, just under 11 feet wide, about 13 feet high and can hold about 4,000 cubic feet of material. In general, storage PIGS can hold approximately 4 – 5 standard pneumatic loads of material, or around 150 tons.

Mintek PIGS can be loaded from either end just as a delivery driver would normally do, via a simple flexible hose. A series of connected hoppers allow material to accumulate inside the tank trailer during loading and to be transferred out of the container when needed. For typical Mintek projects, material is usually transferred out of the PIG and into a spreader truck. Diesel or electric blowers pressurize the PIG and supply air to transport material, while a series of valves and aerators allow the operator to control the pressure and material discharge rate. For stubborn materials, or grades of materials that tend to pack in place, aerators, or fluidizers, introduce air through the substance helping to move the products. A filter medium, such as a filter sock, can easily be connected to the PIG to capture dust during depressurizing. Other safety features, including check valves, visible pressure gauges and pressure safety valves allow workers to maintain a safe working environment.

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What is a Storage PIG Trailer used for?

Like previously stated, tank trailers, or PIGS, are used to store bulk dry powders, with an emphasis on bulk. They are essentially a mobile silo that is transported & placed horizontally to make them roadworthy. Since each tank trailer can hold 4 – 5 standard pneumatic loads of material, storage PIG trailers can help keep the flow of material to a job constant, eliminating downtime associated with delayed material arrival. Many elements factor into constant deliveries to a site. For example, the availability of pneumatic tractor trailers and qualified drivers, the time it takes to load material, road conditions, traffic in and around the route and the distance from origin to destination all play an important role; and yes, even the best drivers miss a turn occasionally and get lost. Mintek PIGS make these unfortunate headaches more bearable by holding onsite inventory, which offers assurance of supply and eliminates idle crews or equipment stranded at jobsites until the next load arrives. Having a PIG onsite also opens the delivery window; allowing Mintek to provide more product for high demand jobs, minimizing the need to wait on product delivery and lessening the chance of delay due to lack of material on the jobsite. Mobile tank trailers help keep jobs moving and aid contractors in hitting deadlines while saving time and money.


Other Storage PIG Trailer Considerations

  • These specialty tank trailers are designed to hold an impressive amount of material. However, they do need all support legs to be completely lowered and secured to bear the full weight when loaded.
  • The storage PIG should be placed in an area that is hard and mostly level, allowing for water to drain away from the PIG. Ideally the location is somewhere that is away from pedestrian traffic and allows for easy access for delivery drivers.
  • If the ground underneath the support legs is not able to support the unit, larger feet can be furnished or simple pieces of wood can increase the surface area under each foot, allowing for a more stable system.
  • Tank trailers are mobile, making them usable on almost any site. However, just because they are mobile does not mean that they can be moved with material still inside them. They must be emptied before moving to a different location on a site or before removal from the site.


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