Dose Rate

With the building structure already in place, a reagent was needed to dry the wet, unworkable soil within the building structure in order to lay the foundation. Calciment® LKD was the perfect solution!


Project Overview

The construction of Walmart in Winchester, VA, presented several challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure successful completion of the project. One of the significant obstacles was the wet and unworkable soil, which made it difficult to lay a solid foundation. Additionally, the project was operating on a tight timeline and the building structure was already in place, which meant that any solution implemented had to be tailored to the existing conditions. The application of Calciment® LKD proved to be an effective solution to address these challenges. Calciment® LKD was applied at a 2% dose rate, and within 3 hours, the optimized moisture content was achieved.

The Challenge
  • Building structure already in place
  • Wet, unworkable soil
  • Tight timeline

Optimized moisture content achieved 3 hours after Calciment application.



The Challenge



Case Study

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“No drying reagent works faster or provides a better value than Calciment on many soil types.”


Virginia Contractor
Lime being applied inside of Walmart
ODOT US Route 24 in Cecil, OH