ODOT SR 2 Avon, OH

Dose Rate

State Route 2 in Avon, OH was the first ODOT project utilizing Calciment to turn wet, weak soils into dry, stabilized soils. Calciment® saved both time and money on this job.


Project Overview

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) needed a soil stabilization solution for a section of State Route 2 in Avon, Ohio. The area in question had seen an over abundance of rain fall creating wet and weak soil conditions. Testing showed that the soil conditions fell under AASHTO Soil Types A-4 through A-7. This posed a huge challenge for the required bearing capacity of the road and the project’s timeline.

With consistently wet soils and rigorous compaction standards to meet, chemical stabilization was needed to keep the project on time and up to ODOT specifications. Calciment® LKD was selected at a dose rate of 7%.

The Challenge
  • 1st official ODOT project utilizing Calicment
  • Wet, weak soil
  • AASHTO Soil Types: A-4 – A-7

Saved ~ 60% over cement or lime, No failures

ODOT SR 2 Avon, OH


The Challenge



Case Study

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Lime being applied to State Route 2 jobsite
ODOT US Route 24 in Cecil, OH