Drying & Stabilization
Dose Rate
2% - 4%

With a tight timeline to complete an Ikea in Ohio, and the cold wet months that go along with an Ohio winter, a solution was needed to keep this project on track. Calciment® LKD allowed this project to stay on track during cold winter months.


Project Overview

The IKEA project in Polaris, OH required the use of Calciment® LKD, for drying and stabilizing the soil, at a dose rate of 2% to 4%. The project faced a challenging timeline, especially during the winter and spring months, which presented a significant obstacle due to cold and wet weather conditions. However, the application of Calciment® LKD proved to be a game-changer, allowing work to continue despite the harsh conditions. The project was able to stay on schedule, and the use of Calciment® LKD ensured that the soil was adequately stabilized, resulting in a solid foundation for the construction of the IKEA store.

The Challenge

Tight timeline during winter / spring months.


Calciment enables work to continue during the coldest and wettest months for on-time project completion.



The Challenge



Case Study

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Extend Life
Accelerate Production
Minimize Shrink/Swell
Improve Geotechnical Properties