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Pipeline Slip?

Make it Calciment® strong

Long-lasting Solutions for Pipeline Slip Repair

Even the most well-constructed pipelines face adverse weather conditions and variability from soil movement, changing landscapes, and new construction. Over time, these factors can cause what is known as a hill or pipeline slip, which occurs when a slope of land shifts from stable to unstable. The shift compromises the integrity of the pipeline structure, and once this occurs, swift repair is necessary for the safety and performance of the pipeline. Calciment® by Mintek offers fast drying of wet, unworkable soils as well as long-term strength gains and protection against future shrink/swell of the soil. With distribution centers located throughout the U.S., Mintek offers assurance of supply and a variety of solutions to meet the most stringent job site requirements. We’re known for flexible packaging solutions from supersacks to bulk loads, prompt delivery, and flexible shipping options.

Fast Drying

Save time, save money with accelerated drying to keep projects on time and on budget.

Long Lasting

Pozzolanic reactions increase the strength, durability, and density of the soil even after freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.

Cost Effective

Compared to alternative reagents, Calciment is an affordable solution providing accelerated drying and long-term strength gains.

Case Study

ODOT Slip Repair

ODOT US Route 24 in Cecil, OH
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