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Bad Soil? Well, That Sinks.

Stop Rutting with Lime-based Products From Mintek.

Modify Weak, Sloppy Soils with Lime-based Products

When faced with high plasticity native soils, utilizing lime-based reagents such as quicklime or Calciment® LKD for chemical modification will quickly reduce the moisture content for improved workability. In addition, lime-based products adjust the PI to minimize shrink/swell potential during wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles. Lime-based reagents continue to gain strength over time due to the formation of cementitious bonds between the clay particles, providing a strong foundation for the pavement structure. At Mintek we’ve removed the guesswork: our technical support team is here to help you select the right product and dose rate for your specific job site requirements.

Improve Compaction

Achieve optimum moisture content regardless of ambient conditions for easier compaction.

Reduce Plasticity

Reduce plasticity to minimize the potential of shrink/swell due to freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.

Increase Stability

Experience strength gains over time due to cementitious bonds continuing to form.

Save time and money. Keep projects on track.

Soil before lime application


Lime Application

Soil after lime application


Lime Application

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