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Dry and modify cold, wet soils with lime-based products

Weather is unpredictable and can feel like a gamble, which means your productivity and profitability can be seriously affected. Our lime-based products dry and modify cold, wet soils allowing you to keep projects on schedule even in the rainy months. Quicklime and Calciment® LKD have a high percent of free calcium oxide which means faster drying of wet, sloppy soils allowing you to finish more jobs in less time. Both quicklime and Calciment® LKD, a hybrid that delivers the benefits of quicklime and Portland cement, provide heat generation for fast drying as well as cementitious properties for strength gains. When comparing lime-based solutions to other alternative reagents or stabilization methods, such as cut and fill, Mintek’s products are extremely favorable as demonstrated by the widespread acceptance and use of Mintek’s lime-based products.

Fast, effective drying

  • Quickly achieve optimal moisture content for better compaction
  • Eliminate expensive cut & fills
  • Keep working during wet, cold months
  • Cost effective vs. alternative drying reagents

Soil Modification

  • Reduce PI
  • Minimize shrink/swell
  • Improve compaction & stability
  • Field proven on thousands of jobs across the country

Soil Stabilization

  • Immediate & continued strength gains
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Lower moisture absorption
  • Autogenous healing

Save time and money. Keep projects on track.

Wet construction site before


Construction site with wet, unusable soil

Wet construction site after


Construction site with dry, usable soil

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Cold Weather Liming and PIGs FAQ Session

Hosted by Phil Belcastro
Thursday, November 16,10:00 am EST

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