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Since its introduction in 1994 Calciment® has become more that just a widely used product but has come to signify a symbol of quality and reliability.  Whether in construction, environmental or industrial applications, Calciment® can quickly and cost effectively dry, solidify, modify, stabilize, neutralize, fixate and/or bind a variety of solids and liquids.  Chemically Calciment® products represent a hybrid between Quicklime and Cement providing heat generated thru exothermic reactions as well as cementitious properties. While technically sound, the economics of Calciment® compared to other reagents or bulking materials are extremely favorable as demonstrated by the wide spread acceptance and use of Calciment®.  


Super Gyp 85® agricultural gypsum, a registered trade mark of Mintek Resources, it not a result of manufacturing another product commonly referred to as “By-Products”.  In fact, it is quite the opposite, Super Gyp 85® is produced in a carefully controlled environment where strict quality controls are used, yielding gypsum that can be consistently relied upon for the highest levels of quality. 

Other Products

    • Pozzament

    • Lime Kiln Dust

    • Cement Kiln Dust

    • Fly Ash

    • Fluidized Bed Ash

    • Boiler Ash

    • Bottom Ash

    • Quicklime

    • Hydrate Lime

    • Agricultural Lime

    • Cement

    • Gypsum



    • Pneumatic Trailers
    • Dump Trailers
    • Supersacks
    • 50 and 80 lbs bags
Mintek Resources, Inc.
2440 Dayton Xenia Road, Ste. D
P.O. Box 340187
Beavercreek, OH 45434
Toll Free: 888-431-0218
Phone: 937-431-0218
Fax: 937-431-0254

E-mail: sales@mintekresources.com

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