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Soil Stabilization with Calciment®

   Provides a High Quality Subgrade
  • Immediate and Continued Strength Gain
  • Durability
  • Lower Moisture Absorption
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistant
  • Autogenous Healing (Self Healing)
 Time and Cost Savings
  • No Removal and Disposal
  • Potential Reduced Pavement Thickness
  • Prevent Weather Delays




 Soil Modification with Calciment®
  • Improved Compaction and Stability
  • Reduce Plasticity and Swell
  • Immediate Strength Gains to Provide A Working Platform
  • Increased Productivity
Soil Drying with Calciment®
  • No Expensive Cut and Fills
  • Prevents Construction Delays When Soils Are Heavily Saturated
  • Calciment® Is A Cost Effective Method For Drying Applications

Calciment® Stabilization Chemistry

Calciment® application rates are determined in the geotechnical laboratory where the properties of moisture reduction, compaction, and strength development are optimized. Typical application rates by weight of the soil range from 2 to 8 percent depending on the moisture content and soil type. Calciment® is spread as a dry powder by a variety of methods. Newer spreader designs can accurately place Calciment® at any application rate while minimizing dusting. Mixing is accomplished with a pulvamixer or rotary stabilizer to a depth of 12 to 18 inches. A disc harrow can be utilized provided several passes are made to assure thorough mixing. When required, water is added during or immediately after mixing with a water truck. The proper water content will allow soil to be molded in your hand without crumbling or being visibly wet. Compaction is accomplished with a sheepsfoot, smooth drum, or rubber tired roller. Curing or hardening is a gradual process that continues over many days. Geotechnical evaluations are commonly performed at 3, 7, and 28 days to confirm unconfined compressive strength gains. From a practical perspective the construction contractor wants to proceed as quickly as possible and it is not uncommon to support heavy equipment the same day.

Types of projects

    • Airports
    • Developments
    • Parking Lots
    • Building Pad
    • Roads
    • Oil & Gas Pads

Application Rate, Spreading, Mixing, Watering, Compacting, Curing





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Toll Free: 888-431-0218
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E-mail: sales@mintekresources.com

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